At some point, everyone has to fend off haters and critics online. High-profile people are mostly affected by this. They have to deal with hate and criticisms on the web. Unfortunately, common etiquette has died a ghastly death only to be replaced by vitriolic flame wars and heartless trolls. Also, sad to say that cyberbullying and online bashing are among the top reasons why some teenagers commit suicide nowadays. People who are weak and can’t deal with their negative comments are commonly affected by this.

Recently, I got bashed online and honestly I felt so down reading all their negative comments. As much as possible I just don’t want to open my Facebook account that time, so I won’t be able to read all those nasty things they throw at me which is not even true. It’s funny how other sites write articles about it just to get likes.

Well, actually at first it was just for fun and we didn’t thought that it would become trending. One thing to consider when posting online, especially on Facebook is that, not all people will understand and will be happy about what you post online. Even if you just posted it for fun or humor, not all netizens will realize that it was just a joke because some people are closed-minded and you can’t pleased them to believe you. However, I’ve learned a lot of things from that experience. I was able to keep myself calm no matter how difficult the situation is. There is no way to handle the opinion of other people but there is surely a way on how to deal with them.

So, what will you do when that happens? Here are 10 ways on how to deal with online haters and bashers.

1. Don’t panic.
It’s not  easy to experience social-media crisis, but I realized that I’m not the only person to experience the nastiness of such an attack. The best thing to do when you’re bashed online is to stay calm and not freak out. Take a deep breath and resist the urge to react on the issue immediately.

2. Don’t take it personally.
People will try to hurt you and pull you down in so many ways. But those days when I was bashed online, I kept on asking myself these questions: How many of them actually know me? Do they really matter? Above all, whatever they say to you doesn’t really matter. Just keep in mind that, what they say, says much more about them than it ever will be about you.

3. Don’t visit the comment section.
One thing that will hurt you and make you feel bad is when you start browsing on the comment section. There are times when I badly want to respond and defend myself to all those nasty comments they throw at me but I refuse myself from doing so. I just turn off the notification and refrain myself from reading the comment section.

4. Figure out if (and how) you want to respond.
Figure out what’s the best way to minimize any harm caused by the situation. Also, assess the situation whether it is better to just stay quiet and ignore those things they throw at you or respond to them in order to clarify the issue.

5. Act as if you’re not affected.
The best thing you can do to your bashers and haters is to act as if you’re not affected. The more they see you violently reacting on that particular issue, the more they will piss you off. Hence, it is better to just pretend that you don’t care rather than fighting back at them.

6. Never become emotional.
Emotions are temporary states of mind, so don’t let it permanently destroy you. In times you feel down, never allow your emotions to slave your own thoughts because it might end up with a mess. Just take your time to fix yourself first and take away all those negative emotions you feel inside.

7. Look at the bigger picture.
No matter how negative the overall reaction to anything you post on the internet, always remember to look on the positive side. Probably, you have many bashers out there but you also have many people who are rooting for you and will defend you in any situation.

8. Share your appreciation for their feedback.
Treat your bashers and haters as constructive critics. Let them know that their feedback is much appreciated and you’ll consider it for improvement. It is way better rather than paying attention to the negative side of it.

9. React publicly first, then take it privately.
First, respond publicly, whether it’s a comment on their Facebook post or through twitter. And if someone is still being hard to deal with, you may take your communication with them to a private channel. In this case, you give them the attention they’re vying for without making your interaction public.

10. Report and block them.
Social media give you the option to block and report people so you no longer have to deal with them. I always do this whenever I found nasty comments on my posts .This is probably the most common tool you may need to use in order get rid of your bashers and haters online.

We all know that social media is such a powerful tool that has many personal and professional advantages. The larger your presence, the more you are exposing yourself to criticisms. When you post something online, it is expected that there would be people who are going to disagree with you. I admit that bashers and haters are really getting into my nerve sometimes but I have to learn how to deal with them so I won’t step into their levels. The best way to overcome your online bashers and haters is to fend them off with kindness.

You don’t have to hate them, you should be thankful to have them because being criticized or judged shows how important you are to them. You should be happy because someone is exerting so much effort and time in thinking and talking about you. Moreover, you don’t have to be affected by whatever nasty things they throw at you because they don’t even know you and they don’t have the right to judge you either. Better be thankful for them because they make you feel famous, somehow.