Instagram is useful for keeping up with friends and following the lives of celebrities, but the photo sharing application is also a great place for college students to get tips for success both inside and outside of the classroom.

Here are eight accounts that’ll help you to get through and thrive during your four years of college.


Finding study motivation can be difficult, but here, you’ll see a bunch of tips to help you stay on track. There are also fun memes to keep you entertained.


Living in a dorm is a huge part of being in college, and it’s important to make sure your dorm space feels homey. Dormify offers some great dorm room inspiration, whether you’re looking for funky throw pillows or posters with fun slogans emblazoned on them.


Studying abroad is a big part of many students’ college experiences. Unsure where you’d like to go? Check out College Tourist’s account for some gorgeous pictures. The account highlights natural landscapes and famous monuments that you’ll want to visit if you head abroad.


Are you into bullet journaling or color coding notes? Organization is an important part of college, and this account offers some great inspiration for students unsure of how to keep their notebooks neat. In addition to keeping your life on track with a tidy planner, take copious notes to maximize your potential.


Carving out time in your schedule for cooking can be difficult during college, especially if you’re living in a dorm without a kitchen. College-cookin posts simple recipes that even busy college students can make—and the food looks pretty, too, if you’re not interested in actually making anything.


This account has over 600k followers for a reason: It’s chock full of funny memes and tweets catered specifically toward a college-aged set. While CollegeHumor doesn’t offer a ton of life advice, look no further than it for a good joke.


LinkedIn is a popular website for finding jobs and connecting with others who have similar interests, but the networking site also has an Instagram account full of helpful tips. Follow LinkedIn to get career advice in your Instagram feed.

Last Account to Follow . . .

Of course, there’s one other Instagram account that you should definitely follow: Your own college’s! For the best pictures of your campus—and some updates about what’s going on at school—look no further than your college’s official Instagram account.