Technology is often ridiculed for minimizing social interaction. And, true, you might be more inclined to scroll through Instagram while you’re waiting for class to start than striking up a conversation with the stranger sitting next to you—but when it comes to bonding over the human experience, the Internet facilitates a discussion more open and farther-reaching than ever before. For instance, how often do you read a tweet that makes you realize, “Wait, other people feel like that, too? I’m not the only one?” 

Not only is reading blogs written for and by college students a great way to pick up tips and tricks to make your life a little easier, but it’s also perfect for just feeling understood. From dating and partying to grades and life after graduation, college blogs have something for everyone. Interested in doing some non-required reading? Here are our top picks for the best blogs for college students. 

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Broke Millennial

Broke Millennial Stop Scraping By and get your financial life together
The Broke Millennial blog became so popular that its founder, Erin Lowry, decided to turn the idea into a book series. Image courtesy of Parade

If one thing’s become apparent in the age of the Internet, it’s that being an Adult™ is super confusing, especially when it comes to money. To make matters worse, millennials are often shamed for not knowing how to do “simple” things like filing a tax return (as if we chose to take two different kinds of Algebra instead of practical math). 

That’s why Erin Lowry created the blog Broke Millennial—it’s a resource for college students, recent graduates, and young adults in general to consult for advice having to do with money. Broke Millennial talks about all things finances, from getting out of your parent’s house post-graduation to finding a side-hustle to make some extra cash.

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College Cures

Brett Napoli
This is Brett Napoli, web developer and creator of College Cures. He is also a graphic designer, creative consultant, and founder and CEO of Ambition Insight, a media marketing company in Fort Lauderdale. Image courtesy of Score

Navigating college life can be difficult, to say the least. College Cure is the cheat sheet you’ve been looking for. The College Cure slogan is, “Everything College, No Prerequisites.” You can browse blog posts by topic, including relationships, health, life in college, and many others.

Want to know the best time for an afternoon nap? How about party-theme ideas for your next get-together? College Cures knows all, tells all, and shows all—all without the prerequisites.

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Cal Newport’s Study Hacks Blog 

Cal Newport holding a notebook
Cal Newport is a computer science professor at Georgetown University, which means he knows a thing or two about studying.  Image courtesy of Reddit

Whether your professor openly brags about how hard their tests are or they’re just a genius who thinks their exams are easy when they’re actually impossible, the Study Hacks Blog has got your back. 

Written by a college professor with a mission to teach students how to power on their brains and maximize their productivity, this blog will tell you exactly what you need to know to study more effectively. Additionally, there are a lot of cool posts about digital communication and the effects of social media. 

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College Candy

CC Confessions The worst dates we've ever had to endure
College Candy is the epitome of relatability for college students. From light-hearted content to college-relevant news, this blog will give you a well-rounded serving of advice, pop culture, and more. Image courtesy of College Candy

Written by college students across the country, this blog a cross between Buzzfeed and a lifestyle magazine’s advice section. Choose from categories like news, fashion, celebrities, and dating to find the perfect reading material for whatever mood you’re in. 

College Candy has a little bit of everything, which means it’s not just ideal for staying up-to-date on the latest trends—it also provides content that directly pertains to you as a college student, such as universities making national headlines for good things and bad. 

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Martin Dasko
Martin Dasko, the blogger behind Studeconomics, is a personal finance expert who gets real with readers about how he graduated from college debt-free and saved $25,000 by the age of 20. Image courtesy of Studeconomics

Studeconomics’ motto is, “Kill debt; make money; party hard.” Written by a professional freelancer with 11 years of experience in sharing personal finance tips on the Internet, this blog is a must-read for college students (and anyone else) looking to save and make money without sacrificing fun. 

While the blog does center around DIY finance, the subject matter of the posts ranges from growing your bank account and monetizing your hobbies to traveling and living life to the fullest. In other words, the topic might seem dry from the surface, but this blog finds a way to make personal finance entertaining and interesting. 

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close up of t-shirt saying hack college
HackCollege looks at education through a modern lens. Get some extracurricular learning done, or just browse around some trending topics. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy yourself. Image courtesy of HackCollege on Facebook

You may know how to create a speaker system using a towel roll, and you’re pretty confident when it comes to filling out grad school applications. But what about the rest? When you’re not sure where to turn, HackCollege is the go-to for all things college, including personal stories and how-tos you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’re trying to figure out which book to read next, how to decide on a major, or the best way to jumpstart a career in technology, HackCollege has the answers to questions that you didn’t even realize you were asking. 

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Spoon University 

Spoon University
Explore recipes and beyond with this versatile food blog that has chapters at more than 250 college campuses. Image courtesy of Spoon University

Want to eat well but have to endure the college kitchen (or lack thereof)? Have no fear because Spoon University will teach you how to be a chef with the bare bones ingredients and supplies. Browse all kinds of recipes from hangover cures to those that can be made entirely in the microwave. 

Spoon University prides itself on having grown from a simple blog to a full-blown community. In addition to recipes, you can also find tips and advice relating to life in college. This blog isn’t just a snack—it’s a multi-course meal. 

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Broke and Beautiful

Lindsay Ginn
Lindsay Ginn created Broke and Beautiful in 2007 as a way to share bargain-designer-finds with her friends. Image courtesy of Broke and Beautiful

Broke and Beautiful is made for the beauty guru without the wallet (and contents) to match. Whether you’re into makeup, shoes, jewelry, hair, clothes, or decor, you’ll love perusing this creative bubble of beauty, style, and money-saving hacks. There’s even a rundown of ethical brands that’ll make you feel great about any purchases you decide on.

Check out what’s trending in the various style industry and shop products based on price or personal preferences (cruelty-free, biodegradable, indie, etc.). With content that focused on everything from inspiration to DIY, the beauty of Broke and Beautiful is truly in the eye of the beholder. 

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College Entrepreneur 101

College Entrepreneur 101 Broke college students welcome
College Entrepreneur 101 puts its money where its mouth is (so you don’t have to)—you can use the blog to get discounts at brands like Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and more. Image courtesy of College Entrepreneur 101 on Facebook

College Entrepreneur 101 is another blog that serves as what’s basically an all-inclusive guide to college. You can read student hacks, study tips, and college news, as well as advice on budgeting, investing, and saving money. But, as you might have guessed, the blog has “entrepreneur” in its name for a reason—you can also learn how to get involved in entrepreneurship while still in school. 

From college bloggers and Youtubers to e-commerce and real entrepreneurs’ stories, you can find all of the info that you’re looking for regarding entrepreneurship in college. Plus, there’s also content that’s designed purely for entertainment, like lists of college tweets and personal reflections on time spent at school. 

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HerCampus Neon Sign
Harvard girls started this amazing tell-all blog that features both style and personal stories. The content isn’t from just them (they’ve graduated)—instead, it features a wide range of writers so you can pick and choose which storyteller you want to hear from. Image courtesy of HerCampus on LinkedIn

HerCampus is the number-one media site for college women. It has sections dedicated to money and career, culture, wellness, style, sex and relationships, and more. The best part? You’re reading the work of student writers across the country. 

With chapters at more than 380 campuses (spanning eleven countries and five continents), HerCampus is an expansive publication with diverse insights from college students just like you. And if there’s no chapter at your school, you can petition to start one