General Guidelines

De La Salle University provides financial assistance to Filipino students who meet specific criteria for eligibility.
The selection of grantees is done by the Scholarship Committee based on the following factors/criteria:

Financial Need. Only those whose annual family income is PhP 700,000 and below will be considered.

Academic Competence. The Committeewill take into consideration the applicants’ high school grades and DLSU College Admission Test (DLSU CAT) results.

Processing of financial assistance applications will begin after the list of accepted freshman applicants has been officially released by the Office of Admissions and Scholarships (OAS). However, acceptance into the University does not necessarily guarantee that financial assistance will be given to the applicant. The number of students to be granted of financial assistance will depend on the number of available slots for the degree program. The financial assistance awarded to the applicants could be full or partial grant (i.e. 25%TF, 50% TF, 75%TF, and 100% TF), and no allowance.  Financial assistance can be given to only one grantee per family.

The results of financial assistance applications will be released on 23 May 2020.
Once awarded, the grants are renewable every trimester. Grantees are required to meet certain academic standards and to abide by the policies prescribed by the OAS.
The financial assistance program covers tuition and fees only.

Application Dates for AY 2020-2021

Activity Dates
Application / Submission of Requirements 18 January to 23 March 2020
Result of Pre-Qualified           Candidates 13 April 2020
Interview with the College Dean 20 to 24 April 2020
Result of Final Scholars/Grantees 23 May 2020
  Acceptance of Scholarship 29 May 2020

Application Procedure

1. The student fills out the St. La Salle Financial Assistance Grant Application Form. The online form is accessible 18  January to 23 March 2020.

2. The student submits the accomplished documents to the Hub, 2/F Henry Sy, Sr. Hall on or before 23 March 2020, 1700H, the printed and notarized application form together with the following requirements:

a. One (1) 2×2 photo taken with the last three (3) months

b. one (1) Recommendation Form for St. La Salle Financial Assistance Grant

c. Vicinity Map Form

d. Photos of Family Residence (i.e. façade of the house/front view, living room, kitchen, and bedroom).

e. Official Electric bill for the last 3 months (photocopy or printed copy of the electronic bill)

f. Official Water bill for the last 3 months (photocopy or printed copy of the electronic bill)

g. Official Telephone bill for the last 3 months (photocopy or printed copy of the electronic bill)

h. PLDT/Wifi bill/Cellular phone bill for the last 3 months (for postpaid plan holder).

i. (If house is owned, NOT mortgaged) Official receipt of realty tax payment for the last year

j. (If house is owned, but mortgaged) Official receipt of housing loan amortization for last 3 months

k. (If residing in an apartment) Official receipt of the rental payment for the last 3 months or certification of monthly rent from the lessor

l. (If parents and other household members are employed) Income Tax Return or Certificate of Employment and Compensation

m. (If parents are NOT employed) Certificate of Exemption from filing of Income Tax Return from the BIR or Certificate of Unemployment from the Municipal/Barangay Hall

Please note that the application will not be accepted and processed unless all required documents have been provided.

3. The student applicant attaches photocopies of the documents to the application form. Original documents must be presented for verification upon submission of the application. Non-submission of required documents may be considered withholding of information.

4. Place the complete requirements in the long brown envelope. Write the complete name on the upper left corner of the envelope (LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, and MIDDLE NAME).

5. The application for financial assistance will not be accepted and processed unless all required documents have been provided.

6. A card containing the Document Tracking System (DTS) number will be provided to the applicant. The status of the scholarship application may be monitored through the online DTS number. The decision on the application and further instructions will also be indicated in the DTS. Monitor the DTS Number at

Per the University Scholarship Council AY 2019-20 approval, redirected applicants can now apply for the said scholarship.