In light of the recent international 2019 Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) outbreak, various Benilde departments and organizations have taken part in prevention and safeguarding of the community through a plan of action and health advisories, including the use of thermal scanners in campus entrances, as well as installment of alcohol dispensers and waste bins.

The College’s administration, upon discussion with Benilde’s Central Student Government (CSG), has released a Plan of Action regarding the community’s protection and prevention of transmission of the coronavirus. According to the administration, thermal scanners will be located at the gates of the three Benilde campuses. 

The College will also provide alcohol in dispensers and waste bins to dispose of used masks and other medical waste to be placed in strategic communal areas around the campus. Nonetheless, only members of the school staff with an occupational certificate will be handling medical waste to ensure its proper disposal. 

CSG has also published supplementary guidelines and general information regarding the coronavirus outbreak on their Facebook page.

A health advisory was issued by the Health and Medical Services Center of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration to the community via Benilde mail. Chancellor Robert L. Tang has also released a statement indefinitely suspending official trips by Benilde administrators, faculty, staff, and students to mainland China.