Choosing the right university degree can be quite tough, especially when you’re constantly pressured to make important life choices just as you’re about to graduate from sixth form. Even if you’re feeling confident and know exactly what you want to do, university might not turn out the way you expected it to. It’s important to recognise early on that you’re studying something that you’re no longer interested in, so that you are still able to transfer onto a different degree. Here are 10 signs you’ve chosen the wrong degree.

1. You’re failing your exams

University isn’t easy and nobody expects it to be, but that doesn’t mean that receiving consistently bad grades is fine. Your poor performance may be due to a number of factors that may not necessarily be related to your particular degree (i.e. you don’t get on with your professors), but it’s still worth reconsidering your options if you’re failing your classes.

2. You’re missing lectures

I don’t necessarily mean those annoying 9am ones; I’m talking about lectures in general. If you’ve started deliberately missing classes, it means that you’re no longer engaging with the material and as a result not taking anything in. However, simply being present isn’t always enough – apart from physically being in the room, you also need to be mentally aware of the material that’s being covered.

3. The work no longer interests you

Not all college work is going to be entertaining; in fact most of it will probably be quite tiring and somewhat boring. Regardless, you should be experiencing an element of excitement when dealing with a new problem or tackling a particularly difficult text. If you’re completely disinterested in the coursework, then you should start looking at the signs you’ve chosen the wrong degree.

4. You were forced into your degree

Many students experience significant pressure from their parents to choose a particular career, especially if it runs in the family. Just because half of your family are lawyers, for example, doesn’t mean that you too have to study the same degree. It’s important to settle on something that interests you in particular.

5. You’re constantly stressed and upset

Uni work will inevitably stress you out and occasionally make you feel miserable, but it’s a problem if this is happening all the time. Being completely dissatisfied with everything that you do is important warning signs you’ve chosen the wrong degree you shouldn’t ignore.

6. You’ve become interested in a different career path

It’s true that not many people actually end up working a job that is relevant to their degree, but that doesn’t mean that you should deliberately study something unrelated to your interests. If you’ve decided that you no longer want to pursue your childhood dream, you

7. You avoid talking about your course

Students constantly discuss different aspects of their course, whether it’s the workload, the professors, or a particularly tricky essay question. Not being able to partake in these conversations with your friends means that you’re completely disengaged from your degree and no longer interested in anything that’s even remotely related to it.

8. You can’t explain why you’ve chosen your degree

Most people have a pretty clear explanation as to why they’ve chosen to study a particular course – some want to build a career in that sector, others chose it because they did well in the required subjects or simply enjoy the material that’s being covered. If you can’t explain why you’ve chosen to do your degree then you’re definitely not doing something that you really like.

9.You’re not getting on well with your professors and/or course mates

If you want to perform well and be successful in your studies, then you need to be in an engaging and friendly environment. Unfortunately, you can’t always guarantee that you’ll be able to form good relationships with your professors and fellow students. Not being able to get on with them is a sure sign that you’ve chosen the wrong degree.

10. You’re having second thoughts

It’s inevitable that all students have second thoughts about their degrees at some point throughout their studies, but that is most often a direct result of excessively stressful periods. Experiencing this level of doubt on a daily basis is one of the important signs you’ve chosen the wrong degree.

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