Entrance exams are a crucial part in your college application. With the increase of hungry and determined applicants each year, the bar has been raised to get into some of the top colleges in the Philippines. Here a seven tips to help you get into your dream school and set yourself apart from the rest.

1. Study Ahead

Whether you do it on your own, with a study group of friends or in an exam review center, make sure you give yourself time to study. Utilize your summer break to dive into college review books and try taking preparation and mock tests, so you can also practice your speed.

2. Pack the Essentials

Try to pack the night before. Packing on the morning of your test might cause you to forget some essentials due to stress or those “exam jitters”. Some schools may already provide you with a list of things to bring, but just in case you can always be prepared with your examination fee payment, an identification card, a pencil with an eraser, a black and a blue ball pen, and in some cases, a scientific calculator, a water bottle if you tend to get dehydrated, and a healthy snack or something sweet that will give you a boost of energy when needed.

3. Get Sleep

Some students like to pull an all-nighter right before the exam. But sleep is more important that cramming. Not only will the lack of sleep cause you more stress and fatigue, but can also affect your performance on the exam day. If you managed to study ahead, you shouldn’t need to cram.

4. Dress the Part

Depending on the school you are applying for, make sure to check if casual wear is allowed or if you have to be in business attire. Try dressing in clothes with a pocket or bring a bag where you can stow away your cellphones and other personal belongings. Most exam proctors will only allow your pen or pencil to be on the table.

5. Keep Calm

It’s normal to be stressed and nervous on exam day, but try to keep as come as possible. You’ve got this! Keeping a cool head on your shoulders will allow you to concentrate more on answering the questions and will prevent mental blocks during the test.

6. Manage Your Time

Apart from dressing the part, it is advisable to wear a watch. Although there will be a clock in the room or a proctor giving time queues, wearing a watch will make it easier for you to manage your time. Try not to skip questions, as you can easily forget to go back to them afterward when time runs out. Just keep answering, and if you finish ahead, go back and review your answers.

7. Know the Location

Try to show up at least 15 to 30 minutes ahead of the required time. This will decrease you stress levels and will enable you to breathe before the exam. Make sure you know the location of the school and what building you have to be in for registration, to avoid getting lost and being late.

Once you’ve finished the test, all that’s left to do is to breathe and wait for the results. Good luck!

Soiurce: https://www.enderuncolleges.com/