AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center would like to share some exercises for you to work on before taking the most important test of your life.

Below are sample tests for the subjects Language Proficiency, Science and Math.

Language Proficiency

1. Use your knowledge of suffixes, prefixes, and root words.
2. Take advantage of context clues. Look for words that give hints.
3. Determine the part of speech of a word and whether it has a positive or a negative meaning. This is especially useful in vocabulary, analogy, and sentence/paragraph completion tests.

Sentence Completion
In the past, pirates were tied to tall beams erected on the beaches and __________ to serve as a warning to the other would-be pillagers.
A. hanged
B. hung
C. hunged
D. hang

Choose the word that is correctly spelled.
A. acordion
B. condesend
C. overrun
D. pamplet

context clues
According to the American Heart Association, people with high blood pressure are three times more likely to contract coronary heart diseases, six times more prone to develop congestive heart failure, and seven times more likely to have a stroke.
The word contract in the sentence means to             .
A. reduce
B. shrink
C. agreement
D. develop

Choose the word which has the same meaning as the italicized word.
furtive glance at the beautiful woman
A. dainty
B. exacting
C. particular
D. secretive

Choose the word which is opposite in meaning as the italicized word.
cryptic message buried in the tomb
A. cavernous
B. simple
C. straightforward
D. subterranean

Choose the statement that best defines the underlined idiom
William’s boss fired him because he couldn’t cut the mustard.
A. is a bad chef
B. is always late
C. is just not good enough
D. doesn’t have a sharp knife


1. An oceanic plate and continental plate collide with each other. Which of the following will happen?
A. The two plates will eventually stop moving.
B. The two plates will slide past each other sideways.
C. The continental plate will slide beneath the oceanic plate.
D. The oceanic plate will slide beneath the continental plate.

2. Which of the following factors is NOT a direct reason for the change in seasons on Earth?
A. Earth’s revolution
B. Earth’s tilted axis
C. Earth’s rotation on its axis
D. Earth’s distance from the sun

3. Which of the following explains why a virus CANNOT be considered a living organism?
A. It does not evolve.
B. It is made up only of proteins and nucleic acids.
C. It uses a limited source of energy to reproduce.
D. It can reproduce only in the presence of a host cell.

4. In humans, pointed eyebrows (B) are dominant over smooth eyebrows (b). Mary’s father has pointed eyebrows but she and her mother have smooth. What must be the genotype of the father?
B. Bb
C. bb
D. bB

5. What are the usual products of the neutralization of an acid and a base?
A. Salt and water
B. Weaker acid and weaker base
C. Water and oxide
D. Salt and oxide

6. Acetylene is a hydrocarbon that burns at an extremely high temperature when mixed with oxygen. Which of the following are the products of the complete combustion of acetylene?
A. Salt and water
B. Water and oxide
C. Oxygen and hydrogen
D. Carbon dioxide and water

7. In a displacement-time graph, what does a horizontal straight line indicate?
A. The object is accelerating.
B. The object is decelerating.
C. The object has a constant displacement.
D. None of the above.

8. How much power, in Watts, is needed to push a grocery cart with a horizontal force of 45N through a distance of 15m in 8 sec?
A. 24
B. 84
C. 164
D. 200


1. What is the sum of the first seven terms of the sequence 1, -2, 4, -8, …?
A. 42
B. -42
C. 43
D. -43

2. Given: a ∆ b = a + 3b
a □ b = a + 4b, where a and b are real numbers.

if 4 ∆ (5y) = (5y) □ 4, what is the value of y?
A. 5/2
B. 6/5
C. 1
D. 0

3. In the figure, the circle is inscribed in an equilateral triangle. If AD = 3, what is AP?

A. 1
B. 2
C. √3
D. √3/2

4. In the figure below, the circle is centered at the origin and passes through the point P. Through which of the following points does it also pass?

A.   (3, 3)
B.   (-2 √2, -1)
C.   (2, 6)
D.   (- √3,  √3)

5. Which of the following functions have negative values in Quadrant IV?
A. sine and cosine
B. cosine and tangent
C. sine and cosecant
D. cosine and cosecant

6. A box contains 5 red marbles, 6 blue marbles and 7 green marbles. What is the least number of marbles that should be randomly drawn from the box to ensure of getting 3 marbles of the same color?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 7
D. 9

Source: https://www.review.ahead.edu.ph/upcat_practice_test/