With the introduction of K-12, De La Salle University saw a unique opportunity to reimagine its university curriculum. Its academic departments have spent the last two years designing their post K-12 curricula.   The new programs demonstrate La Salle’s commitments to post-K12 university student: degree programs that are modern, future-proof, and rooted in the best traditions of Lasallian education.

The new college curricula also offer flexibility, depending on the students’ level of preparedness.  Those who have undergone more rigorous senior high school preparation may be exempted from certain foundation courses through the LEAP.

What is the Lasallian Examination for Advance Placement (LEAP)?

It is an optional placement exam that highly-qualified applicants who are accepted for admission in A.Y. 2020-2021 may take.  They can be exempted from taking foundation courses if they pass the subject-area-specific placement exams prescribed under their respective degree programs.

What are the DLSU foundation courses?

The foundation courses across all disciplines are:  PreCalculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Applied Economics, ABM, Business Finance, Organization & Management, and Marketing.  There are 2 to 5 courses depending on the degree program.

Can I be exempted from taking the foundation courses, and consequently, there is no need to take placement exam?

Yes, the following students are exempted from taking the foundation courses:

  1. Accepted students from La Salle schools* who obtained a grade of 85 and above in SHS courses identified as DLSU foundation courses
  2. Accepted students from Connect-Ed schools who obtained a grade of 85 and above in DLSU-certified SHS courses identified as DLSU foundation courses
  3. Archer Achiever Scholars

*La Salle Schools included are the following;  DLSU Senior High School, Taft Campus , DLSU Integrated School, Laguna Campus, De La Salle Zobel and La Salle Greenhills

If I am a strand-shifter (SHS strand is different from the strand/discipline of the College degree), will I be required to take the foundation courses?

Yes, strand shifters are required to take foundation courses except Archer Achiever Scholars

If I am exempted, what are my next steps?

Applicants who are exempted from taking the foundation courses must confirm their enrollment by following the steps and guidelines in this link: Confirmation Guide

If I want to register to take the LEAP, what must be done?

Applicants are required to pay the confirmation fee of P10,000 before they can register for the LEAP. Instructions on how to pay the confirmation fee can be accessed at https://my.dlsu.edu.ph/students/DCATResult/

Registration for LEAP is done through the online facility at

https://my.dlsu.edu.ph/admissions/undergraduate/placementexam from April 01 to 30, 2020.

Is there a fee for taking the LEAP?

Yes, the testing fee is P100 per subject. Testing fee for applicants from public high schools will be waived.  Payment of testing fee may be made over-the-counter at the banks or through online credit card.  Once paid, the fee is no longer refundable.

How would I know the subject areas that I should be tested on?

It will be automatically determined by the system based on your degree program during online registration for LEAP.

What is the duration of each subject area test?

Each test will take a maximum of two (2) hours to finish.

What are the test dates?

The LEAP is scheduled in May 2020. Specific date, time and venue will be given during online registration.

To register for the LEAP, kindly access the DLSU website starting 01 April 2020.

Registration period will be from 01 April to 30, 2020


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Source: https://www.dlsu.edu.ph/admissions/undergraduate/placement-exam/