Studying at the De La Salle University- College ot St. Benilde means being inspired by the Lasallian values of faith, zeal for service, and communion in mission, Benilde integrates the Lasallian principles of education, formation, and social development into the Benildean community way of life. This integration is carried out through the Office of the Lasallian Mission and Student Life (LMSL), which consists of the following offices:

Student Organizations

Expand your learning and broaden your horizons beyond the classroom by participating in student organizations and engaging in student activities! The Student Involvement Office (SIO), which supervises most of the Benildean student organizations, aims to enhance and facilitate the professional and socio-cultural growth and development of students through creative, pro-active, innovative, and excellent approaches and strategies to student activities and active participation in various leadership-development events and seminars. 

Student Publications

Print may have been overtaken by digital media in some parts of the world, but in Benilde, publishing is alive and thriving! With our professional student-journalists and award-winning publications, we’ve got you covered! 

The Student Publications Office (SPO) exists to train and guide the members of the College’s major publications for serious, disciplined journalistic and literary work; as well as help them achieve the autonomy envisioned by Republic Act No. 7079 (Campus Journalism Act of 1991). 

The SPO supervises the operations of two major student organizations: the Benildean Press Corps (BPC) and the Benildean Yearbook Office (BYO). 

Volunteer Groups

Make your stay in Benilde more meaningful by becoming a student volunteer! Take your pick from the volunteer groups that are supervised by various schools/centers/offices/units in the College.

Culture and Arts

Are you passionate about the arts? You’ve come to the right place! Benilde’s student artist groups are award-winning and truly world-class. 

The Office of Culture and Arts (OCA) is committed to the pursuit of formative and artistic growth and innovation among its student-artists. It strives to uplift and promote Filipino culture and traditions by developing art programs and project initiatives not only within the College but also on a global platform. 

The five artist groups under its supervision are Dulaang Filipino (DF), Stage Production Operations Team (SPOT), Coro San Benildo, Karilyo, and Saint Benilde Romancon Dance Company (SBRDC). 

Sports Development

Ready to show your school spirit? Don’t worry, you’ll put all those green shirts and your loud voice to good use when you cheer for the extraordinary Benildean student-athletes. Our teams proudly bear the banner “Blazers”. 

To better enhance the holistic development of the student-athlete in his/her athletic event, the Center for Sports Development (CSD) aims to create a seamless integration between the competition structure from the collegiate level to the national level to facilitate exponential growth in the number of high performing sports athletes. 

The Blazers compete in two major tournaments: the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and the Philippine University Games (UNIGAMES). 

Academic Support

Your Benildean education is not limited to the courses under your degree program. To supplement your academic knowledge, the College offers additional courses and services to help you survive college, jumpstart your career, and succeed in life!

Student Discipline

Being a Benildean-Lasallian is certainly fun, but it does entail certain expectations and responsibilities. In Benilde, we want you to grow and develop into mature, responsible, effective, and worthy citizens of the community. Thus, the College implements student discipline through the Office of Student Behavior (OSB).

Student Wellness

To ensure a safe and secure environment for you, Benilde has in place various safety and security measures with your welfare and well-being in mind. With that, you and your parents will have less worries while you’re in the College!