By Tamia Heard 

When we first head off to college everything is exciting! We’re excited to leave home, make new friends, and experience dorm life with a bunch of other eager teens (or so we think). Living in a dorm isn’t bad, but it’s not great all the time either. It honestly depends where you are, who you’re with, and what you make of it. Here’s a list of pros and cons when it comes to dorm life:


1. Social Life

Living in the dorms ,especially your first year, will help you socialize. You are surrounded by tons of students who are looking to make new friends, so the process is much easier. If you’re in a freshman only dorm the RAs will probably be working extra hard to put on dorm events to keep you entertained. Even if you’re an upperclassman, living in the dorms will keep you connected with other students and on-campus events.

2. Proximity

On most campuses, dorms are in a central location. Getting to class, the library, or the dining facilities is not much of a hassle. This comes in handy on the days you wake up 10 minutes before class and the nights you just need to make a coffee run. I can honestly say there are days I know I wouldn’t have shown up to class if I knew it was going to take me more than a few minutes to get there.

3. Less financial responsibility

Unless you live in university sponsored off-campus housing, you will have to deal with paying monthly rent, utilities, cable, and internet. Although financially it may be a bit cheaper, if you’re not ready to take on this kind of responsibility it can be frustrating. While living in the dorms you only have to worry about your financial aid going through, and the rest is done for you! If you’re someone who would rather not deal with finances yet (ugh.. adulting) living in the dorm may be a better option for you.


1. Lack of Privacy

If you’re living in a traditional style dorm you will be sharing a room with someone. It’s all fun and diy decor until you realize you rarely get any alone time. Not to say you won’t love your roommate, but everyone needs some space. It’s especially complicated when your roomie falls in love (or lust) and you become a permanent third wheel. Can’t I just lay in bed and watch Grey’s for the 100th time— alone???

2. Room Checks

With any dorm there’s always going to be RAs. You will probably form a love/hate relationship with them. Every month you will be subject to room checks to make sure you’re not doing anything hazardous and that your room is fairly clean. This isn’t so bad, but we all have those weeks that allows for nothing but studying, eating, and sleeping. Plus let’s face it, sometimes my room looks messy to others, but I know exactly where everything is! 

3. The Laundry Day Struggle

May the odds be ever in your favor. No really, trying to find the right time to do laundry is one task, but doing laundry in a timely manner is another. Even when you think laundry will be a breeze… it usually won’t be. There’s always someone who decides to do their laundry and then disappear from the face of the Earth! I cannot even begin to count the times I’ve managed to get a washer only to find that the dryers are full of clothes with no one to claim them. Living in the dorms you will experience the laundry day struggle without a doubt!