THE beginning of the school year is all fun and games until you find out that you are under a terror teacher in one, or worse, multiple subjects for the school year. You begin to dread going to that class and start to overthink the struggles and hardships that are bound to happen from the beginning to the end of the term or semester. You become Hercules all of a sudden, given numerous tasks to overcome and accomplish. You start convincing yourself that your life as a consistent honor student is over. You begin to accept the fact that you will have to live with your parents for the rest of your life because there is no way that you will pass this subject in the first try.

Well, it’s best if you stop all of the negative thinking right there. Take it as a challenge, an opportunity to help yourself grow and improve as a person. Sure, dealing with terror professors is hard. But it can be quite manageable with these hacks. Here are a few ways to deal with your terror teachers.

Prepare for their class.

Terror teachers are those who are really dedicated to making their students learn from their class. It just so happens that they seem to follow Machiavelli’s quote where it is “better to be feared than loved.” As the saying goes, teachers are the students’ second parents, and your terror professors, believe it or not, just want the best for you. So, if you know that you are under a rumored terror teacher, you need to be ready for battle. Equip yourself with knowledge and additional information that you might need for the subject.

Listen attentively.

Pay attention to what they are teaching and their instructions in class. Usually, students are most scared of their teachers when they suddenly fling out questions to a certain classmate in the middle of a class lecture. But what is there to be afraid of if you are listening attentively and know the answer to the question? Also, when it comes to assignments or projects, be sure to give your full attention when your teacher gives the instructions. Asking a question about what was already discussed a few moments ago may give your teacher the impression that you were not paying attention to the instructions given.

Your best foot forward.

Teachers hate a boring class lecture or discussion as much as the student does. Make the class lively by participating during the lecture. Study ahead so that you will know the answer to a question thrown randomly. Treat your assignments as if they are major exams. Do away with the “as long as I have something to pass” attitude. Teachers give all of their effort in teaching the class and they deserve the best from their students as well.

Know what irks them.

Be observant and take note of what your teacher likes and dislikes in behavior and attitude. Do they feel like you are disrupting the class if you have to go to the CR in the middle of lecture? Do they prefer students answering their questions right away instead of picking someone to answer? Noting these things can save you from the wrath of your teacher.

Treat them with respect.

Teachers are your superiors and they will always have authority over you. Treating them with respect inside AND outside the class is a must for students. Remember, while it is true that respect is earned, it is also due certain people because of their position. Your professors gave an enormous amount of time, energy, money, and effort into becoming a teacher. They worked hard to become teachers just so they can pass on to you the skills, knowledge, and education that they had. So treat your teachers with the respect that is due them. (Joelle Pilande, USC Intern)